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Our training focuses on three key principles: communication, motivation & relationship.

Our goal is to have your dog obedient without relying on rewards or equipment. We use a common-sense approach and prioritise what's best for dogs and their owners. A well-trained dog is a happy dog - and a pleasure to own!


Situated on the outskirts of Two Wells, we are conveniently located just 1km from Port Wakefield Highway making it hardly a detour to drop your dogs off. Are you heading away for the weekend to the Yorke Peninsula, or coming from Roxby to Adelaide? Our location has you covered!

Our farm style boarding facility is located on a beautiful 23 acres. For a bit of history, we are the old Bullens Lion Park. We have 7 large 1 acre dog playgrounds which has play equipment, obstacles and endless activities for them to participate in over their time here.

We believe in giving dog the chance to be REAL dogs and to experience a TRUE farm style stay at a REAL FARM, whilst being treated like family.

Whether you have a Kelpie, Rottweiler, matltese or bulldog, our unique experience is fun for everyone!


Meet owners Aimee and Luke. Aimee's love for animals led her to adopt her Rottweiler, Arlee, after losing her dad in 2011. She poured her heart and soul into training him to be the best he could be and discovered her passion for dog training. From competitive showjumping to veterinary nursing and online dog training, Aimee's dedication to dogs led her to enroll in her Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour.

Now, she and Luke are the dynamic duo behind Take the Lead - providing top-notch training for dogs and their owners.

All dogs are farm dogs at heart


Owner & Trainer


Aimee is the passionate owner and lead dog trainer at Take the Lead, where she dedicates her time and energy to helping dogs and their owners achieve the best possible relationship. Aimee is known for her unwavering dedication and genuine care for every animal that steps through the doors of her facility.

Aimee's love for dogs began after a tragic event in her life, the loss of her father in 2011. Struggling to find positivity in her life, Aimee impulsively bought a Rottweiler named Arlee, who quickly became the light in her life. Aimee spent every spare moment training Arlee to be the best version of his breed, and this experience sparked a deep passion for dog training that only continued to grow.

After years of dedicated training and studying, Aimee transitioned from a successful competitive showjumper to an experienced and certified dog behaviorist. She poured all of her spare time, money, and effort into learning about dog behavior and training, enrolling in veterinary nursing and a Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour to further her knowledge and expertise.

Today, Aimee's love and dedication for dogs are at the forefront of everything she does at Take the Lead. Her goal is to help every dog she encounters become their best selves, and she works tirelessly to provide the best training and care possible. Thanks to her unwavering dedication and exceptional skills, Aimee has become a beloved figure in the dog training community, inspiring countless others to follow in her footsteps.

Owner & Maintenance


Luke has been Aimee's biggest supporter in bringing Take the Lead to where it is now. From humble beginnings, he has helped to bring every idea to life - from building play equipment for the exercise yards to creating new training spaces for our team to use to sourcing vehicles to assist in the day-to-day tasks - the business wouldn't be where it is today without his skills and can-do attitude!

Together, Luke and Aimee have built a household name in the canine industry, all while raising their two sons, Abel and Marley, and running their French Bulldog and Rottweiler breeding programs!

General Manager


Georgia is a dedicated guardian of her dogs Freddie the Cavoodle and Lenny the Staffy cross. In fact, you might remember seeing Lenny on our socials as he completed his very own 5-week Stay and Learn!
When Georgia applied for the role, we knew we had to have her as part of her team! We have admired all the continued work she has put in with Lenny – before, during AND after his time with us – and knew she’d make an excellent addition to the Take the Lead family!
Training Leader


We are so excited to welcome Jess to our growing team! Jess has been a previous client and put her dog in a three week stay and learn package. She was a very full on bully breed girl and Jess has put ample work into her, creating a much more enjoyable dog for Jess and her family.

We have secretly been admiring Jess' work from afar, and when she placed a resume in - we knew we had to have her! Jess' dream breed to own is a Cane Corso so when we had one Board and Train on her first week, she was in her element!

Jess has two children, a FIFO husband and one doggo called Luna. On the side, she is passionate about low tox living and runs a business through Young Living.

Client Care Specialist


Hannah is our new front of house staff member who manages the office in the mornings with in-takes and go-homes! You will be greeted by her bubbly personality and always with a smile!

Hannah comes from a background in hairdressing, so is very customer relationship based and anyone who has been a client of Take the Lead knows that we are big on this!

Hannah has been a long-term client of Take the Lead as both of her Australian shepherds were regular daycare clients and one of her Australian shepherds has performed a stay and learn program along with regular day trains.

Being a client previously, Hannah is well aware of they Take the Lead experience and leapt to the opportunity to be a part of our ever growing team.



Mandy came from a vet nursing background. She has had dogs her whole life and she could not imagine not having dogs around her. She feels there is just something special about dogs. Mandy has a team of dogs and is passionate about conservation detection!

She loves everything scent detection related especially training dogs to a new odour. It is just incredible to see how amazing a dogs nose is.

When Mandy is not at work or out with Nessie, she loves to read books on scent detection, dog training, murder mysteries and fantasy stories.



Megan is a previous client of ours, bringing her two dogs, Coco and Maggie, for daycare and camps here on the Farm! When she saw the advertisement for a role here, she jumped at the opportunity and we’re so excited to have her on board!

Megan has slotted seamlessly into our team, and we can’t wait to watch her grow and develop in her role!



Kim has been with the team for a period of time and has recently come back after she went on maternity leave! She now has a gorgeous son, Leo! Kim has been working hard to complete her NDTF dog trainers certificate and has been working hard with her own dog, Ellie! Kim brings a wealth of knowledge, love and dedication to the Take the Lead team!


Kim (AKA Kimmie) is an avid animal lover, growing up with animals of all different shapes, sizes, and species. Kimmie currently has 4 rescue pets of her own, including 2 lizards, a cat, and a Border Collie named Max!

Kimmie has also had experience in dog training, working with her parent’s rescue blue heeler who struggles with fear-based aggression. She has also worked as a puppy school trainer which helped to develop her interest in canine behaviour and enrichment.



Olivia joined us just in time for the festive period and is committed to providing the best care for all the dogs here on the Farm! She is no stranger to the Farm, with her American Staffy, Oakley, joining us for daycare, boarding, and a Puppy Camp! We’ve seen all the great work Liv has put into Oakley and so when she applied for the job, we knew we had to welcome her onboard! ✨


We first met Mia in August 2023 when she adopted Ajax the German Shepherd from our sister organisation, Guardian Angel Animal Rescue! Since adoption, Mia has put in so much work with Ajax so when we saw her apply for a role with us, we knew we had to have her as part of our team!

Alongside Ajax, Mia also has Moose the Labrador x Rottweiler who was adopted from another organisation. Mia has been the primary trainer for both Moose and Ajax which has built her interest in working in the canine training industry.

We’re so excited to have Mia join our team and continue to develop her skills in her pursuit to become a canine trainer!



Mia is super passionate about animals with two dogs of her own, and she jumped at the opportunity to work on the Farm and gain invaluable experience in the canine industry! Mia is a bright and bubbly individual and has already slotted seamlessly into our team. We’re so excited to watch her continue to develop her skills with us!
Content Creator


Nikki started with us as our Daycare Specialist and later moved into a content creation role, working to create and post all of the content you see on our socials! On weekends, Nikki is also part of our daycare team, supervising our daily play groups and sending off pup-dates to their guardians!

Nikki has been surrounded by animals all her life and is extremely passionate about them. Growing up, her family has had small and large breed dogs of all shapes and sizes. She is confident with dogs both big and small, and with any behavioural quirks. Nikki has adopted 2 dogs of her own – Enzo and King - from our sister organisation, Guardian Angel Animal Rescue, who have their own behavioural challenges!

In her spare time, Nikki plays soccer in the WNPL. She enjoys the outdoors and fitness, and loves going to the gym regularly.



Paul works tirelessly to keep the Farm running smoothly each day, ensuring everything is operating like a well-oiled machine. His hard work ensures our facility is safe for all our guests and staff and is constantly being upgraded with new additions to keep the Farm fresh and fun!

Paul is also a big supporter of his son and daughter-in-law's French Bulldog breeding program; Marlabel French Bulldogs. He has three Frenchies of his own: Sapphire, Dora, and Floss!

Emotional Support


Always down for a cuddle, Daphne is the emotional support dog for all our team here at Take the Lead. Whether we're feeling the pressure of a busy holiday period, or we've heard some devastating news, or we're simply just feeling a bit rundown, Daphne is more than happy to help us through these trying times with her unconditional love and bring a smile to our faces with her little 'seal ears' and goofy personality.