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Gain invaluable insights into your dog's behaviour with our day assessments. Our experienced trainers will assess your dog's behaviour towards people, other dogs, cats, livestock, chickens, and children throughout the day.

With detailed observations, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the "who, the why, and the when" behind your dog's behaviour. Our expert trainers will discuss behaviours and provide recommendations for moving forward, and you'll receive a detailed email report.

Unleash the secrets of your dog's behaviour with our day assessments and take the first step towards a happier, healthier relationship with your furry companion!



Perfect for busy dog owners who want to provide more enrichment, stimulation, exercise and training for their dogs but are unable to provide this to their dogs themselves. Our experienced trainers will work on marker training, leash pressure, crate training, place training, socialisation, and basic obedience throughout the day and send a photo update.

The dogs will receive training over the day from structured training sessions, to paddock runs and recall training. You will receive a detailed written report with homework and a photo gallery.

Give your dog the enrichment, exercise, and training they deserve with our Day Trains!



Is your dog fearful around other dogs or had a bad experience at a dog park? Does your furry friend lack socialisation or show signs of social anxiety? Our Pack Rehab is here to help!

Led by our experienced trainers, we focus on building confidence and trust in your dog's environment. Your dog will participate in structured sessions, engaging in confidence-building exercises, relationship-building exercises, and gradual introductions to our carefully chosen pack members.

With 23 acres of space it allows dogs to explore, roam and use all of their natural senses whilst they are taking part in their pack rehab program.

Our ultimate goal is to integrate them into our dog daycare setting. Pick up includes a short, detailed discussion, an information report and homework for your continued success in building confidence and trust in your beloved furry friend.



    $99/ day


    • Provides enrichment, exercise, and training for busy dog owners
    • Our experienced trainers work on marker training, leash pressure, crate training, place training, socialisation, and basic obedience


    • Your dog will participate in structured training sessions, paddock runs, and recall training that is tailored to your dog’s individual needs and progress
    • You will receive a detailed written report with homework and a photo gallery 



    $150/ day


    • Gain valuable insights into your dog’s behaviour with our day assessments
    • Our experienced trainers assess your dog’s behaviour towards people, other dogs, cats, livestock, chickens, and children


    • We provide photo updates, as well as video recordings and a detailed email report for a comprehensive understanding of your dog’s behaviour and our recommendations
    • Our day assessments are the first step towards addressing behaviour issues


    $110/ day


    • Boost your dog’s confidence and trust
    • Structured exercises and introductions in a safe environment, tailored to your dog’s unique needs and temperament
    • Our ultimate goal is to integrate your dog into our dog daycare setting


    • Led by experienced trainers specialised in dog behaviour and socialisation
    • Your dog will enjoy 23 acres of play space for building confidence
    • Pick-up includes a discussion, and homework for continued success


    Our dog Leo is an anxious and complex boy, and these guys have been great with him and his journey. We booked him in for a 4 week stay and learn package late last year and it really helped build his confidence and has taught him how to be calm and is now a happier dog overall.

    Ryan Hagemann

    I'm so delighted that this business exists and the trained dog professionals in charge are very detailed to understand your dog and behaviours... Kelly also gives this five stars!

    Vanessa Dingle

    After completing a day assessment, Take the Lead recommended a five week stay and learn for our very nervous dog Koda to help her work through her nervous energy... I can't even begin to express how much of a difference this experience has made for our dog, and take the lead deserves all the praise for offering such a fantastic service.

    Jacinta Towson

    Great customer service. Fantastic value for money. Experienced staff. Positive outcome every time.

    Michelle Le Leu

    You guys have changed our lives, Luca and I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve achieved with Mikey. Our American Staffy (2.5yrs) just came home yesterday from his 5 week stay and learn... the best part is watching how much he engages during his training, you can see how much he enjoys it and how beneficial it is for a dog with so much energy... all of those who trained Mikey a big big thank you, we are so grateful for the time, effort and patience you gave Mikey.

    Jessica Adam

    Pre Take The Lead I could not take Bella for a walk as she was too strong pulling and lunging on the lead. Bella then did a 4 week stay and learn, and the change in her was amazing...We cannot thank the team at Take The Lead enough for working with Bella so we now all have a calmer time together...I recommend the team at Take The Lead without hesitation for training and boarding.

    Joanna Rosa

    Willow just got home from a 3 week stay and learn, due to aggression with other dogs, and some anxieties she has picked up from previous homes. I was very nervous about sending her off for 3 weeks, but the team were fantastic, sending regular updates, challenging her, and helping her reach a point where she no longer shows aggression to other doggos (something I didn't think was possible)...Highly recommend Take The Lead as they treat all dogs as if they are their own😀😀

    Lennon McCormack

    Aimee and Take the Lead are honestly the best thing that has happened to our family! Our big rottie boy Sid is a changed boy since visiting for a stay and learn! I honestly can't recommend enough. They took such amazing care of him, provided incredible updates throughout his 3 week stay and learn, and you can tell the love they have for dogs is next level. Thankyou SO much for providing such an amazing service 💕

    Crystal Karim



    When I am enrolled in the stay and learn, how do I maintain the newly learnt behaviours?

    Upon completion of the stay and learn program, you will be scheduled in for a two-hour handover with one of our trainers. They will go through a theory component and a practical component, so you have all the information to go home and continue on with the training. It is a lot of information to take in, so don’t worry – we send you home with a detailed 21 day training plan, a training booklet, and access to our private training group on Facebook.

    Are there any additional fees incurred in the training package

    No. We do have equipment that we recommend post training. This is the only additional fee incurred.

    Can I extend if my dog requires the extra time?

    Absolutely, this will be discussed with you throughout your dogs updates. We will request a call with our training leader to discuss the progress.

    What does an average day look like for my dog during a stay and learn?

    Every dogs stay is different as we cater the stay to the individual dog. If they are social, they are able to participate in our day care setting in the morning before training starts. Dogs sessions vary dependant on what they are working on over their stay. Some sessions are quick, fast paced, more tiring sessions whereas some are longer duration based sessions.

    Is there a guarantee for training?

    No. We do not provide any type of guarantee because every dog is an individual and the work that goes in post training is what makes it stick. We always recommend reading our social media reviews on Facebook and Google. This is a great way to see people’s experiences here at the farm.

    I want my dog to be good in public, what package do I select?

    We only perform off-site training in our 3+ packages. We do not take dog off site in our 10 day or 2 week packages unless the dogs have been a regular client of the farm for training services.

    I don’t want to board my dogs, can we do day trains?

    Absolutely, but the results can be slower and require the owners to perform a lot of homework between each session. We recommend weekly day trains to maintain good behaviour.

    My dog has anxiety, I am so worried about how they will cope...

    Our team are trained to make all dogs feel as comfortable as possible in our care. If needed, we have quieter housing areas for nervous and anxious dogs. This can also include being crated in the home for extreme cases. Our goal is to take it slow with anxious dogs to build up trust and a solid relationship, so longer packages are normally recommended.

    What do I need to provide?

    We provide everything for your dogs stay… From bedding, to treats, to toys – you name it, we provide it! If your dog has an absolute favourite toy, we do recommend bringing that along for training.

    How do I keep up to date with their progress over their stay?

    We have a training leader who is responsible for keeping all owners up to date with their dogs progress. We have two set updating days which are Tuesdays and Fridays. This allows you to receive a detailed email break down with an online photo gallery. Your dog will also be included in our professional photo shoots and you will receive the photos from that session too!

    Do you have a set training program or is it catered to my dog?

    We do have set tasks that we perform in each dogs training program, but the programs itself is catered to the individual dog. This might mean a bigger focus on socialisation, public outings, relaxation etc.

    My dog has a bite history, how will you manage that?

    Our team are highly trained in dealing with dogs who have a bite history. We have a great drop off procedure which makes not only the dogs feel as comfortable as possible, but the owners too. It is as stress-free as possible, and the staff will take the dogs for a large paddock walk to distract them whilst you leave. We do recommend the use of a muzzle when required.

    Can I come visit my dog?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow visits whilst the dogs are on-site training. It can really disrupt the dogs training plan if you are coming and going, and we want to keep everything as routine as possible. If you come, you may be inadvertently reinforcing behaviours we are trying to curb, therefore setting us back. Rest assured, the updates and photos will make you feel warm and fuzzy!

    Can I walk my dog as soon as we get home?

    This is a big one. It takes us about 2 weeks to set the new foundations before we start heading out into public. We highly recommend that you follow the 21 day training plan and this means, you do go into public settings until day 14. We are trying to create new patterns of behaviour and break prior associations with you as the owner, so this is crucial to the success of the dogs training plan.

    I would like to utilise your stay and learn service, but how do I know what package is best?

    Our friendly team are accessible over the phone and are able to discuss your dogs behavioural needs. They will make recommendations for a package, or they will be able to get you booked in for a day assessment package so your dog can come for a day visit on the farm.