5 Day Puppy Camp

The puppy camp is the pawfect way to ensure that your puppy starts off on the right paw!

Puppies are like sponges for the first 3-17 weeks of life, so the more we an appropriately exposure them to in this time – the better!

Through the 5-day puppy camp, your puppies will learn: focus and engagement, sit, drop, recall, place, crate training, mechanics of leash pressure, socialisation, exposure handling and much more! We will also dive into the common puppy problems like jumping, biting/mouthing, toilet training etc.

All puppies are crated inside the family home with careful management and supervising.

** To be eligible for the puppy package, puppies are to be 8-18 weeks in age and showing no concerning behaviours like resourcing guarding, aggression etc. This will need a tailored board and train package.

Puppies must have their first vaccine completed.

Private Puppy Sessions

Private Lessons can be done in your home, our home, in a public location or online via ZOOM. Each lesson is catered to meet your wants and needs. We work individually with you to help you train your puppy to be the best version of itself. We offer lesson packages to ensure that we have enough time with you to reach your training objectives. And we welcome all types of training topics: puppy foundation training, obedience, off leash training, service dog training and mild rehabilitation training to prevent unwanted puppy behaviours.

Day Trains

We offer day trains for puppies who are wanting to focus on improving basic obedience, exposure, socialisation and really give their puppy the best start to life!

We commence the foundations of marker training, crate training, socialisation and basic obedience. Day trains are a fantastic way to get a greater understanding about your dogs behaviour – the who, when and why! 

Prices: Full day $90.00 per dog 

Included is a brief handover and written report on our observations and recommendations moving forward. 

Drop off is between 7am and 9am, pick up is between 2pm-4pm